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espace Thesis Deposit

Upload your HDR thesis to Curtin’s institutional repository espace.

Before upload, make sure you have:

  1. Obtained written permission from the copyright owner to reproduce third-party copyright material in your thesis, where applicable.
  2. Included all copyright permissions as an appendix to your thesis.
  3. Included an attribution statement for any co-authored publications that form part of your thesis, with all author signatures removed.
  4. Removed your signature from the Declarations page of your thesis.
  5. Proofread your thesis and corrected any errors.

Please have the following ready for upload:

  1. The FINAL PDF version of your thesis as approved by your Thesis Committee.
    • Ensure all author signatures are removed.
  2. An EDITED PDF version of your final thesis, if material has been removed to meet copyright obligations.
    • Ensure all author signatures are removed.
    • The edited version will be publically displayed with the final version securely archived as a University record.
  3. The Submission of Digital Thesis form, completed and signed by yourself and your primary supervisor.

If you have queries about the thesis version or the submission form, refer to the information on the Thesis and examination website or contact the espace Team.

Data publication:

Making the data from your thesis research available can result in benefits for yourself and your field of research. If you are interested in making the data from your thesis research more available to others at no cost, please fill out the Dataset submission form or contact the Research Data team for more information.

For problems using this web page contact Library espace.